Yuletide Greetings!

Vintage Italian Ornaments


My name is Don, and I have been collecting Christmas items all my life. I inherited the Christmas collecting gene from my mother, who was and is a great holiday memorabilia collector. I grew up around all sorts of amazing holiday decorations, and I continue that tradition today in my home.

My collection contains a lot of different types of holiday memorabilia. It can be divided into a couple of different categories:

  • Vintage (pre-1979) Christmas ornaments
    • De Carlini, Laved, Shiny Brite
  • Contemporary (1980-on) Christmas ornaments
    • Radko, Breen, Cortina, Strand, Toole
  • Nutcrackers (mostly contemporary)
  • German smokers (vintage and newer)
  • Decorative Objects, old and new, such as candle holders, dinnerware, figurines, stuffed animals
  • Nativity Figures, including vintage Fontanini and ceramic nativity sets
  • Santas, old and new
  • The Williamsburg Village series, created by Lang & Wise for Colonial Williamsburg