Yuletide Greetings!

Vintage Italian Ornaments


My name is Don, and I have been collecting Christmas items all my life. I inherited the Christmas collecting gene from my mother, who is a great holiday memorabilia collector. I grew up around all sorts of amazing holiday decorations, and I continue that tradition today in my home.

Ornament of the Day – 8/4/21

A similar theme from two different makers. On the left, a “Garden Folly” ornament in blue/white coloration from Jingle Nog. On the right, a blue/white pagoda from Eric Cortina for RAZ imports.

Decoration of the Day – 8/3/21

I would not gamble against this sly fox – He is ready to roll the die, and he has an ace in his pocket. Vintage Dakin Dream Pet Fox. Technically not Christmas, but I always think of these guys as a standard child’s Christmas present.

Ornament of the Day 8/2/21

A vintage Shiny Brite Santa, glass ball body, chenille beard, miniature bottle brush tree. This one came from my childhood tree.

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