Ornament of the Week – 10/31/08

Happy Halloween!  Here is the most unique ornament I have – a grim reaper hand painted on an oyster shell by Maryland Artist Jeanne Ureno.  There are other crafts folk who paint on shells, but Jeanne has a natural talent that sets her apart.  She really paints with the contours and works with the shape of the shell to “tell” her what the image should be.  In this one, she saw the G.R.  The detail is tremendous, and makes for a most unique ornament.

2 thoughts on “Ornament of the Week – 10/31/08

  1. WOW, I was searching through the internet, and found this picture of a shell I remember painting. I am glad you enjoy it. I enjoyed painting it.
    Do you recall where you purchaced it from? And what year? I recall this shell being older than 2008 but I could be wrong.

    1. I missed this comment the first time, sorry Jeannie! Purchased at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, in 1995.

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