Ornament of the Day – 1/17/09


An ornament celebrating the 75th anniversary of Radio City Music Hall.  Purchased last year when we visited the Christmas show there.

6 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day – 1/17/09

  1. How can I find this ornament? My girlfriend had one, and I accidentally broke it walking in the pitch dark one night. I’m desperate to replace it for her.

    1. Hi James. I never display mine. I will sell it to you, if you are still interested.

  2. Don, I think I sent a message before. I enjoyed your post today! Please let me know if you still have this ornament.

    1. Hi there, I do still have the ornament.

      1. Can I buy it from you? My daughter will cry when I give it to her. Please contact me by email. dlichtl@aol.com

      2. Extremely interested in the ornament. dlichtl@aol.com or 305-879-1150. I broke my daughter’s and she is still mad at me for it years later.

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