The House Tour – Part 1

Back to blogging – it took awhile to put everything away!  I thought for the next few days I would show you around the 2008 display.  We start with the main tree in the living room:

This tree features the majority of my ornaments.  It includes ornaments from Christopher Rakdo, Joy to The World, De Carlini, David Strand, Wallace Silvermiths, Debee Thibault, Patricia Breen, Inge-Glas, Old World Christmas, and many, many more.   Ornaments date from the early 40’s to present day.

Here is a close-up of the main tree:

On top of bookshelves you can part of the nutcracker collection, most of it is on the mantel (that view is tomorrow).  On the first shelf of the right bookshelf is the Fontanini nativity, which dates from the late 60’s, early 70’s. 


On the first shelf of the left hand bookself is a hummel-like alpine village I made in the early 80’s at my Aunt’s Ceramic shop.  Next to it is a digital photo holiday ball – it features pictures of my family’s trees from my childhood.

Over the doorway on the left (you can barely make it out) is a garland with vintage shiny-brite ornaments, as well as a collection of pull-toy ornaments.

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