The House Tour – Part 2

Moving toward the other end of the living room, the fireplace features the majority of the nutcracker collection:


The nutcrackers come from Germany, as well as China and other countries.  If you look hard, you can make out Henry the VIII, The Phantom of the Opera, Fife and Drum players from Colonial Williamsburg, Christorpher Columbus, and The Queen of Diamonds.

The curved garland above the fireplace (made with heavy duty wire and a lot of bending) features nutcraker-themed ornaments.

Reproduction Kugels hang around the fireplace garland, along with several ornaments and stockings from the “Vintage Modern” collection by Thomas O’Brien.   The ends of the fireplace (you can’t see them here) feature the clear acrylic 12 Days of Christmas series by Hallmark.

Here is the view of the fireplace in relation to the main tree.  You can see reflections of the space tree (tomorrow!) in the glass panes of the door to the right.

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