House Tour Part 8

At the end of the second floor landing is the Hallmark tree.  This was a new addition, previously most of my Hallmark ornaments hung on the main tree.  But space was becoming premium, and I had enough ornaments by Hallmark that I could do a tree on its own.  When I started collecting in the early 80’s, Hallmark was one of the few options.  A lot of the glass designers that are the focus today were not in operation yet. 

Although I have been concentrating more on glass, I still enjoy the Hallmark creations for their quality and detail.   Many of them also have a fun, playful feel you often miss from the “designers.”   I appreciate the many references to popular culture that Hallmark utilizes as well.

The tree, view from the hall:dsc02252

Sideview, from the guest bedroom:


Here you can see the bottom of the tree – it features vintage milk glass vases with poinsettias, on a late 60’s handmade felt tree skirt purchased on Ebay.

Here are some close-ups of the Hallmark tree:


“Ice Sculptor” from 1981, with the Mayor from Munchkinland (1998) to the left and a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 (2007) to the right.


A 1985 rocking horse, next to “Enchanted Evening Barbie,” from 1996.


A vintage Shiny  Brite lighted tree top finishes off the tree.  I’m still looking for a Hallmark treetop to use.

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