Ornament of the Day – 7/22/09

Celebrate 365 is a wonderful journal for the contemporary ornament collector.  I have learned a great deal in my two years as a subscriber, and look forward to each quarterly issue with great anticipation.

One great part of the Celebrate 365 website is the holidayvisions.org site.  Here Celebrate 365 subscribers can post pictures of their holiday decorations.  This year there was a drawing with prizes for those who uploaded pictures of their holiday decor.  Imagine my surprise when I received this beautiful Michael Storrings Central Park ball in the mail – I never win anything, but this time I scored big!  I was very familiar with Storrings’ work, and had been hesitant to take the plunge and spend the $$ for one.  The ornament is beautifully done, very detailed, and truly a work of art.  I am more than ready to add another to the collection.


There is also a wonderful book of Storrings’ illustrations and the ornaments based on them.  You can find it here.

Thanks to Connie and Celebrate 365 – you are the best!

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