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Born and raised in the Washington DC area, I have collected Christmas ornaments and memorabilia all my life.  As a child, my mother gave both my sister and I “kid’s trees” in our rooms to decorate while she did the main house tree.   That child’s tree has turned into a yearly display in my Baltimore home of over 10 trees (different shapes, sizes, types) and several thousand objects. My main “rule” is that the ornament must have some personal connection to my interests, family, and friends. Second rule: it have a level of quality in its construction and design.

Creating a yearly display has become a year-round hobby, with “off” months spent cataloging, researching, and shopping (of course!)  Late November starts the production, and I try to have the tree up from December through mid-January.  Here is the tree in 2006:


I am a member of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past, a world-wide organization dedicated to vintage Christmas. If you are interested in older Christmas items, I highly recommend their Facebook group page, search for “Golden Glow” in Facebook and you will find them. You will see lots of great vintage items, and find lots of helpful collectors with lots of knowledge.

4 thoughts on “About Don

  1. I came upon your website today, New Year’s Day, in search of more harlequin Christmas ornaments. I have only one of these, and, as it is my favorite (from over 30 years) I wanted to find similar ones. I can send you a photo of mine. It is white and black and classic harlequin. Do you know where I can find more? Your website is an inspiration! Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful and unique. Thank you for including ornament sites on your home page. I hope to scan them for harlequins. My own tree is a collection of things I love from the past and the present, but nothing in comparison to the scope of yours. Congratulations on your collection and on your efforts.

    1. Hi Jeanne, thanks for the compliment! If you are interested in glass harlequins, you might want to check out Eric Corntina’s collection. One place they are available online is Rogers Gardens in CA. The link to their collectibles section is http://www.rogersgardens.com/collectiblesGallery.asp. Look under “Eric Cortina,” then “shop now”, then “Christmas Collection.” There are several harlequins there. My only other harlequin is a hand-painted oyster shell by Jeanne Ureno of Annapolis. I will try to post that one in the near future for you to see.


  2. Wonderful views of your trees

  3. Hello again, I was reading your blog and noticed you mentioned a harlequin,
    if my memory is right it was a face with a 3 pointed hat? I would love to see a picture of it if you still have it. I am glad you are enjoying the shells.
    Jeannie Ureno

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