About Don

Born and raised in the Washington DC area, I have collected Christmas ornaments and memorabilia all my life.  As a child, my mother gave both my sister and I “kid’s trees” in our rooms to decorate while she did the main house tree.   That child’s tree has turned into a yearly display in my Baltimore home of over 10 trees (different shapes, sizes, types) and several thousand objects. My main “rule” is that the ornament must have some personal connection to my interests, family, and friends. Second rule: it have a level of quality in its construction and design.

Creating a yearly display has become a year-round hobby, with “off” months spent cataloging, researching, and shopping (of course!)  Late November starts the production, and I try to have the tree up from December through mid-January.  Here is the tree in 2006:


I am a member of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past, a world-wide organization dedicated to vintage Christmas. If you are interested in older Christmas items, I highly recommend their Facebook group page, search for “Golden Glow” in Facebook and you will find them. You will see lots of great vintage items, and find lots of helpful collectors with lots of knowledge.