Main Tree

My mom, in an effort to keep my sister and I out from underfoot when setting up her tree, let my sister and me have our own child-sized trees in our bedrooms. The plan worked – we got to decorate – and she had peace of mind. That became tradition, and every year I can remember I have had a Christmas tree as part of my holidays. Here (in reverse chronological order) are what I call the “main tree” each year.


Although I had collected Christopher Radko Ornaments for years, 2020 was the first year I devoted the main tree entirely to Radko. It featured both Polish and Italian ornaments made for the Radko company, the earliest being from the late 1980s, and continuing to the present day. A china-painted ceramic village decorated the area beneath the tree.


2019 continued the “tree on platform” format to keep wagging dog tails away from ornaments and out of trouble. The theme was modern Italian glass, and the tree was filled with ornaments from 1980 onwards. Mostly made by either De Carlini or Laved.


2018 saw an addition to our household – Clipper the dog. Clipper, the 90+ pound large dog with the tail akin to a bullwhip. Needless to say, holiday decorating needed to adapt, so the main tree shrunk in size, and was placed on a platform out of dog tail range. I am happy to say all ornaments made it through the season intact. The tree featured glass ornaments, mostly made in Poland, from contemporary designers such as Michael Storrings, John Toole, Eric Cortina, MIA, and Artistry of Poland.


Vintage (pre 1980s) Italian Glass decorated the main tree in 2017. All the lights were vintage Italian as well. Putz houses enclosed by an antique iron fence decorated the base.


2016 I tried something different. Using a photo of my mothers tree from the last 60s, I tried to duplicate the tree from the old picture as best I could. Over the years I had managed to purchase the same ornaments shown in the old picture, and was able to get enough ones that matched to fill atree. I tried to place them as best I could compared to the old photo.








2008 saw the first celebration of Christmas in our new house in Old Homeland.


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