Ornament of the Day – 10/16/08


This harlequin clown was one of the first ornaments I bought as an adult.  During my first year of college, I went with several friends during Christmas break shopping in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.  There at the Conran’s store I bought several ornaments, I remember my friends (all of 18 years old) thinking I was a bit odd buying ornaments, and that I had an ornament collection to begin with.  That was 25 years ago!

2 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day – 10/16/08

  1. I love this one. Is it felt or fabric? My sister and I hope to make some this season. We found the pattern that our grandmother used when we were little. What fun!

  2. It is fabric, satin to be exact. Although satin can be tricky to work with, I would recommend it based on this ornament. The sheen of the fabric reflects light nicely, which is my only complaint about some fabric ornaments. Often they seem “flat” when they are next to more reflective ones.

    Thanks for commenting!


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